A Rock and a Hard Place is the sixth stage of the third act from Battletoads 2020.

Details[edit | edit source]

This stage is a series of minigames. Players will be constantly alternating between Pimple, Bratty and Holidays, with each of the characters having a different minigame.

  • When controlling Pimple he will be standing still at the center of the stage while many enemies fly at him from various directions. This is more or less a reflex minigame where the player must punch the enemies as they keep coming. Later on in the level the player will also need to jump and duck when prompted to avoid a enemy which comes flying from the sides.
  • When controlling Holidays he will be between two totems with various direction inputs printed on them. The player must enter the correct input for Holidays to karate chop the totems until both are completely destroyed.
  • When controlling Bratty the game turns into a fixed first person shooter. The player needs to move her camera to aim at the oncoming enemies and press RT to shoot.
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