Abobo not like intruders, I'm gonna beat you up!
~ Abobo

Abobo is a recurring character from the Double Dragon series, appearing as the first boss in Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team.


Abobo appears as a large, muscular dark-skinned man (in the Double Dragon games his skin color varies from game to game). While his depiction varies on his origin series, where he serves as the muscle of the Black Warriors, in Battletoads & Double Dragon he's portrayed as a dumb big guy type, referring to himself in the third person and speaking in a Hulk-like pattern. His primary attack involve clobbering the 'Toads and Dragons with his fists, but he can easily be defeated with dashing attacks.



  • Abobo, along with Linda Lash, is one of the few Double Dragon characters in the game who remained true to their source material.

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