Artic Caverns is the fourth stage from Battletoads. True to it's name, the stage takes place inside of a frozen cavern.

Details[edit | edit source]

Artic Caverns is the first side-scrolling platformer level in the game, introducing most of the hazards that would appear in subsequent levels. Due to the whole ice theme of the level the floor is obviously slippery, so the player must take caution when advancing, lest he ends hit by one of the stalactites that fall from the ceilings or ends falling into the spike traps which kill in one hit.

At various points in the level the player must destroy ice barriers which block the path. However, the Toads's punches can't destroy them, so instead the player has to use the objects in the level, either the sliding ice cubes or the snowballs left by defeated Mr. Frosties.

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