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Battletoads is a side-scrolling beat 'em up video game developed by Dlala Studios and published by Microsoft, released August 20, 2020 for the Xbox One and Windows through Steam. It is the most recent title in the Battletoads franchise and the first one in 26 years since the last title, Battletoads Arcade.


Gameplay harkens back to the original Battletoads, with the bulk of the gameplay focusing on side-scrolling beat 'em up action. The player can pick between the three toads, each having its own strengths and weaknesses in combat, and can change between them during levels. Vehicular levels are back in full force, with racing, shoot 'em up and even puzzle challenges distributed between the beat 'em up action.


After being locked up in a fantasy simulator bunker for 26 years, the Battletoads are no longer intergalactic heroes and have fallen into modern day obscurity. Unable to settle down for a quiet, simple life, they set out to once again defeat their old longtime nemesis, The Dark Queen, to regain their lost fame. But when they confront the Queen they find out she had been in a similar predicament as them, having also been trapped and losing her powers. In the end they decide to team up with her to take down an evil alien race called the Topians, who were responsible for trapping all of them and are now the current rulers of the galaxy.

Game features

  • Action-packed adventure as iconic characters return
  • Over-the-top combat with combos and hard-hitting morph attacks
  • Wild, varied gameplay sequences for all types of gamers
  • Hand-drawn animation feels like playing a cartoon
  • Drop-in couch co-op for three players
  • Hilarious story with cinematic cutscenes
  • 4K: 4K Ultra HD not available on the Xbox One or Xbox One S consoles.
  • Xbox One X Enhanced: Enhanced features for Xbox One X subject to release of a content update. Games information at
  • Xbox Play Anywhere: Play Anywhere on Xbox One or Windows 10 PC; PC hardware requirements may vary for games on Windows 10.


Playable characters

NPC characters

Levels and Bosses

Stage Name Boss
Act I: Toad to Nowhere
1 Feed the Fantasy Porkshank
2 Menial Jobs
3 To the Queen
4 At the Carn-Evil
5 So That’s How That Works
6 Toadshambo
7 Time For Plan B Guardian
Act II: Pride and Prejuzitz
1 Toadshambo II: Re-Toaded
2 Stumped
3 A Hard Axe to Follow Axeley
4 The Trials of Pummel Horse
5 Mis-Treatied
Act III: The Pimple Joys of Life
1 Spacebrawls Dirtbag
2 We Go High
3 Street Justice!
4 Bigger Than It Looks
5 Reaching the Peak
6 A Rock and a Hard Place
7 Most Unwanted
8 Emergency Stations!
Act IV: A Rash Decision
1 Gut Reaction
2 Finale UTO and PIA



Transcluded from Battletoads (2020)/Achievements
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A number of Achievements can be earned in Battletoads (2020).

Achievement Description
Toads in a Hole
Achievement Toads in a Hole Toads in a Hole
Complete Feed The Fantasy.
Road Rash
Achievement Road Rash Road Rash
Complete To The Queen.
Parks & Recreational Violence
Achievement Parks & Recreational Violence Parks & Recreational Violence
Complete At The Carn-Evil.
Enough Toying Around
Achievement Enough Toying Around Enough Toying Around
Complete So That's How That Works.
Should Get the Pants First
Achievement Should Get the Pants First Should Get the Pants First
Complete Time For Plan B.
Came, Sawed, Conquered
Achievement Came, Sawed, Conquered Came, Sawed, Conquered
Complete Stumped.
Logged Out
Achievement Logged Out Logged Out
Complete A Hard Axe To Follow.
A Test of Medal
Achievement A Test of Medal A Test of Medal
Complete The Trials of Pummel Horse.
Jeff of a Sleighsman
Achievement Jeff of a Sleighsman Jeff of a Sleighsman
Complete Mis-treatied.
We Were Provoked
Achievement We Were Provoked We Were Provoked
Complete Spacebrawls.
Learning the Ropes
Achievement Learning the Ropes Learning the Ropes
Complete We Go High.
Complete Street Justice!
Hiking With Friends
Achievement Hiking With Friends Hiking With Friends
Complete Bigger Than It Looks.
Galaxy's Most Wanted
Achievement Galaxy's Most Wanted Galaxy's Most Wanted
Complete Most Unwanted.
A Mountain Sense of Unease
Achievement A Mountain Sense of Unease A Mountain Sense of Unease
Complete Reaching The Peak.
With Friends Like These…
Achievement With Friends Like These… With Friends Like These…
Complete A Rock and A Hard Place.
Rebooting Battletoads
Achievement Rebooting Battletoads Rebooting Battletoads
Complete Emergency Stations.
The Enema of My Enemy
Achievement The Enema of My Enemy The Enema of My Enemy
Complete Gut Reaction.
Drawn Together, Tornado Apart
Achievement Drawn Together, Tornado Apart Drawn Together, Tornado Apart
Complete Show's Over!
Achievement Re-Cycled Re-Cycled
Complete Nightmare Rider.
Never Did Get That Sandwich
Achievement Never Did Get That Sandwich Never Did Get That Sandwich
Complete Dissed Topians.
Into the Third Dimension
Achievement Into the Third Dimension Into the Third Dimension
Use your tongue to reach a new plane.
Smash through 50 enemy block attempts.
You're Dead, You Ding-Dongs!
Achievement You're Dead, You Ding-Dongs! You're Dead, You Ding-Dongs!
Surrender to your arch-enemies.
Season Two When?
Achievement Season Two When Season Two When?
Completed the story on any difficulty.
Achievement Battlemaniacs Battlemaniacs
Defeat 100 enemies.
Special Effects
Achievement Special Effects Special Effects
Use 200 Toad Abilities.
Mighty Morphing
Achievement Mighty Morphing Mighty Morphing
Finish off 200 enemies with morph attacks.
Thoroughly Tested
Achievement Thoroughly Tested Thoroughly Tested
Destroy 50 enemies in space combat.
It Begins…
Achievement It Begins… It Begins…
Get your first collectable.
Scratching an Itch
Achievement Scratching an Itch Scratching an Itch
Get all collectables in a level.
Making Progress
Achievement Making Progress Making Progress
Get a total of 25 collectables.
I've Started So I'll Finish
Achievement I've Started So I'll Finish I've Started So I'll Finish
Get a total of 75 collectables.
Did You Use a Walkthrough?
Achievement Did You Use a Walkthrough Did You Use a Walkthrough?
Get every collectable in the game!
Three is the Magic Number
Achievement Three is the Magic Number Three is the Magic Number
In 3P Co-Op, all three Toads hit the same enemy.
Reviving a Classic
Achievement Reviving a Classic Reviving a Classic
Revive another player during Co-Op play.
Not all Toads are Equal
Achievement Not all Toads are Equal Not all Toads are Equal
Earn a participation award in Co-Op.
Achievement Jeffortless Jeffortless
In 3P Co-Op, all Toads grind a rail at the same time.
Hack-Door Shenanigans
Achievement Hack-Door Shenanigans Hack-Door Shenanigans
Hack a door together in Co-Op.
Live and Let Drive
Achievement Live and Let Drive Live and Let Drive
In 3P Co-Op, all be on bikes together - for 300 seconds!
Can't Touch This
Achievement Can't Touch This Can't Touch This
In Co-Op complete Time For Plan B without taking a hit.
To Me, To You
Achievement To Me, To You To Me, To You
In Co-op, build up a 100-hit combo.
Toad Cuddle!
Achievement Toad Cuddle! Toad Cuddle!
Finish the game on 'Battletoads' difficulty.
Brawling… With Style!
Achievement Brawling… With Style! Brawling… With Style!
Earn your first 'S' Rank from an encounter.
Straight-A Student
Achievement Straight-A Student Straight-A Student
Earn 20 'A' Ranks from encounters.
Dodgebrawl Champion
Achievement Dodgebrawl Champion Dodgebrawl Champion
Finish a fight without taking damage.
Achievement Pacifist Pacifist
Survive the first space battle for 45 seconds without shooting.
Hey, This is a Rental!
Achievement Hey, This is a Rental! Hey, This is a Rental!
Score 75 near-misses while riding a rented turbo bike.
Achievement Photobombed Photobombed
Take an enemy's photo when it's in warning distance.
Be Tight
Achievement Be Tight Be Tight
Deal with your friends without any restarts.
Take This, Axehole!
Achievement Take This, Axehole! Take This, Axehole!
Find a way to keep a Champion's weapon stuck.
Toad it Off & On Again
Achievement Toad it Off & On Again Toad it Off & On Again
Repair your ship without any reboots.
The Purge
Achievement The Purge The Purge
Escape from a Topian in less than 4 minutes.
Warped Sense of Humor
Achievement Warped Sense of Humor Warped Sense of Humor
Find the 'Warp Wall' while riding a turbo bike.
Dealt a Lucky Hand
Achievement Dealt a Lucky Hand Dealt a Lucky Hand
Get a flawless victory in Toadshambo.
Not Just for the Holidays
Achievement Not Just for the Holidays Not Just for the Holidays
Land a streak of 15 hits while destroying a totem.
The Dlala Code
Achievement The Dlala Code The Dlala Code
Enter the Dlala Code. What could it be…?
Blink and You'll Miss It
Achievement Blink and You'll Miss It Blink and You'll Miss It
Defeat 25 pink eyeballs during 'Time For Plan B'.
Hit The Drop
Achievement Hit The Drop Hit The Drop
Freefall more than 10 metres while escaping a Topian.
Extra Credit
Achievement Extra Credit Extra Credit
Watch the credits! You know you want to.
Achievement Mementoads Mementoads
Propped up the Jercurian tourism industry.


In 2013, Phil Spencer from Microsoft's Xbox team mentioned his fondness for Battletoads while asking the fans what Rare games should be brought back for the Xbox One.[1] On November 10, 2014, "Battletoads" was re-trademarked in the United States.[2] Spencer appeared publicly in a Battletoads T-shirt in January 2015,[3] just days after Microsoft Studios' Ken Lobb (creator of the Killer Instinct 2013 reboot) said they have plans to bring Battletoads and the other classic Rare series back "someday".[4] The new Battletoads game was formally announced by Microsoft at E3 2018.[5]

A gameplay trailer was shown at E3 2019. The game originally had a slated release date for Fall 2019, which had been since postponed. In July 31st 2020 the game got its latest trailer, with a release date announced for August 20th, 2020.[6]



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