Battletoads (working title) is an upcoming game announced for release by Microsoft. It is the newest title in the Battletoads franchise and the first one in over twenty years. It is being developed By Rare and Dlala Studios.


In 2013, Phil Spencer from Microsoft's Xbox team mentioned his fondness for Battletoads while asking the fans what Rare games should be brought back for the Xbox One.[1] On November 10, 2014, "Battletoads" was re-trademarked in the United States.[2] Spencer appeared publicly in a Battletoads T-shirt in January 2015,[3] just days after Microsoft Studios' Ken Lobb (creator of the Killer Instinct 2013 reboot) said they have plans to bring Battletoads and the other classic Rare series back "someday".[4] The new Battletoads game was formally announced by Microsoft at E3 2018.[5]

A gameplay trailer was shown at E3 2019. The game originally had a slated release date for Fall 2019, which has been since postponed. There is currently no release date window confirmed for the game.



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