Battletoads, also known as Battletoads Arcade or Super Battletoads, is the fifth and last game of the Battletoads series developed by Rare and published by Electronic Arts. It was released in 1994 for the arcade and maintains the beat-em-up gameplay similar to that from previous games. Up to three players, as the Battletoads, brawl aliens and mutant rodents through six levels to save the universe from the Dark Queen. The game also includes vertical and bonus levels. Each Toad has its own signature attack, and as customary for the series, players can knock enemies towards the screen, breaking the fourth wall. Around the time of the its release, Rare moved on to developing arcade titles. Releasing the game in arcades gave the company more freedom, allowing them to add mature themes that Rare wouldn't have been able to add into the game otherwise.

The game was slated to receive ports for the Super Nintendo and Game Boy, both of which were cancelled due to reportedly low sales of the Arcade machine. the game would later be added to the Rare Replay compilation for the Xbox One.


Battletoads Arcade retains the beat 'em up gameplay from it's predecessors, with only two vehicle stages. All three Battletoads are playable, this time having different stats to further differentiate them as well as unique Smash Hits for each.

One of the biggest differences in comparison to earlier games is the increased amount of gratuitous violence. Visible blood splatters, decapitations on some enemies, and occasional toilet humor make this a far more mature game for the arcade crowd.

Levels and BossesEdit

1 Defend the VultureGeneral Slaughter
2 Christmas GrottoKarnath
3 Dark Queen's BattleshipRobo Rat
4 Cave Pit
5 Dark Queen's MansionBig Blag
6 Final ConfrontationRobo Manus



  • Both Professor T. Bird and Angelica were going to appear in the game. Their sprites can still be found in the game's data.
  • The second stage was originally going to feature a unique boss called Admiral Oink. He was eventually replaced with Karnath, though his sprites can be found in the game's data. The screen where you'd fight him also had a tied up Santa, which would be released upon Oink's defeat.
  • The game was also going to feature a stage called Brain Chase, which would play similarly to the fifth stage from the Game Boy game.