The Battletoads TV Pilot is an animated pilot based off of Battletoads. It was produced by DIC in 1992 and written by Dave Wise (not the same Dave Wise who composed the soundtrack for the games). The results for run were unsuccessful. Because of this, there is currently only one episode in the animated series.

The pilot features the main characters George, Morgan, and Dave, who play the role of the Battletoads. Although the 'Toad trio is busy fighting the Dark Queen, they can still transform back into normal people. By saying "Let's get normal", they can transform back. To turn back into the Battletoads, they simply say "Let's get warty".

Plot SummaryEdit

Princess Angelica is pursued by the Dark Queen for the posession of her magical amulet. Luckily, Angelica's friend, Professor T. Bird, has a special potion that can turn trustworthy people into a great protectors. These protectors are known as the Battletoads, who were once the guardians of Angelica's ancestors. In search for people who can be transformed into the 'Toads, they travel to planet Earth. On Earth the two characters travel to Oxnard, California, where they meet George, Morgan, and Dave. Out of encouragement, the three become the new Battletoads and take on the Dark Queen's minions.


Although it was produced by DIC, a company known for producing successful TV shows based on video games series, the show's ratings were unsuccessful and it was cancelled right after the run as a result. Fortunately, there are uploads of the Battletoads pilot online. There is also a home release of the pilot that was released not too long after the run of the pilot. These VRC releases are considered vintage, so you are lucky if you get your hands on one.


Battletoads TV Show Pilot

Battletoads TV Show Pilot