The 'Toads (a name abbreviating Battletoads) are the main protagonists of the Battletoads games. Their names are Rash, Zitz, and Pimple, who's names that are based off of skin conditions. The 'Toads' archenemy is the Dark Queen, who's evil plans have been foiled by every time, thanks to the them. When the 'Toads aren't battling the Dark Queen they will relax in space with their coach, Professor T. Bird.

Origin of the BattletoadsEdit

As revealed in the Nintendo Power Battletoads comic, the 'Toads were originally three guys known as Morgan Ziegler (Zitz), Dave Shar (Rash), and George Pie (Pimple). They were the game testers of a virtual reality game being ran by the Psicone Corporation until they were turned into the real Battletoads by Silas Volkmire and trapped in the realm where the villainous Dark Queen lives.