Blag Alley is the second level in Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team.


A series of corridors that lead from the rear side of the Colossus to its main central area. The layout is mainly constructed in cold stone and metal, with tubes and machinery visible through a few open sections on the walls, climbable railings, as well as numerous elevators found throughout the level.

The main enemies encountered throughout the level are Guidos and Walkers. Players can arm themselves with a fallen Walker's leg and greatly improve their fighting reach, as well as become able to instantly disable Guidos and pound them into the ground until they fall off the screen. A Doorman of Doom is found at the end of each section of the level, who can only be defeated by picking up and throwing his dynamite sticks back at him.

A Speeder Bike awaits our heroes on the bottom-most floor, initiating the classic racing section popularized by previous Battletoads games. Here, the player will have to either dodge or jump over several obstacles, as well as fend off Ryders coming from both sides of the screen. One part of the level consists only in Bonus Pods scattered along the trail, with the bonus they give increasing for each one picked up until finally yielding a 1UP if the player manages to not miss any. Once the ride is over, our heroes will have to face Big Blag.

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