Clinger Winger is the penultimate stage from Battletoads. It takes place on the walls of the Gargantua.


Clinger Winger is a huge wall maze which the players must navigate by piloting the Wingers. However, players will be pursued by the Buzzball throughout the entire level.

In order to navigate the level, the player must hold the directional in the same direction of the arrows in the walls, following the toad's movement and changing the direction upon coming into a corner. In the original NES version this level requires pixel-perfect precision, as missing a turn will make the player lose speed and allow the Buzzball to catch up. Later ports of the game ease up on the difficulty by making the Buzzball slower.


  • The original NES version of the game has a infamous bug in this level which causes the second player to not move at all, thus rendering the level impossible to complete in two-player mode. This was fixed in all subsequent ports of the game.
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