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Your puny pods will be vaporised by my Ratship's awesome arsenal!
~ Dark Queen

The Colossus is the main setting of the first half of Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team, acting as the boss of stage 4, Ratship Rumble.


The Colossus is a gigantic space cruiser, said to be the size of an entire city and having enough weaponry to conquer an entire galaxy. The game refers to it as a "Ratship", and true to this title the spacecraft's front is shaped like a rat's face. The first three stages of the game take place inside of it, after which the heroes escape on Space Pods and take on the Colossus head on.

The fight with the Colossus is a long one where the player must destroy all of its weaponry, taking the Ratship apart piece by piece. Once it is destroyed it will launch a missile aimed toward Earth, which serves as the next stage.