Finale is the final stage from Battletoads 2020.

Details[edit | edit source]

This level is divided in four parts, each of which has a different gameplay style:

  • Show's Over: This is a beat 'em up section where player must beat a large wave of enemies. The Dark Queen will be constantly creating tornados which harm both players and enemies, by mashing buttons the player can escape from a tornado when caught on it.
  • Nightmare Riders: This is a obstacle course which plays identically to the second level, with the players on Turbo Bikes avoiding obstacles.
  • Dissed Topians: This part is the actual boss fight against the Topians.
  • The Last Stand: This section is a short minigame cutscene after the Topians are defeated, where the Toads must help the Dark Queen hold off the Topians in a beam duel. First controlling Zitz, the player must rotate both analog sticks then hold LT and RT. With Rash the player must quickly tap LT and RT then hold up on both analog sticks. With Pimple the player must press up and down on both analog stick in succession then tap LT and RT before alternating up and down on the analog sticks again, finishing by holding up.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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