Intruder Excluder is the eighth stage from Battletoads. It takes place on a elevator shaft.


Intruder Excluder is a nasty vertical climb, putting the player's platforming skills to the test. Due to the way the camera follows the player's vertical movement it is impossible to backtrack, as falling to the bottom of the screen will always cost a life.

Along the stage the player will have to cross moving platforms through their small gaps, some of which are electrified, as well as small platforms patrolled by Sentry Drones and springboards. Other hazards will also hinder the player's progress, such as the Gassers which constantly puff out clouds on insta-kill smoke, and Suckas which will suck in the player and also kill instantly.

Upon reaching the end of the stage players must be careful to not jump the last platform from the far right, as Robo-Manus will end falling over the player's head and cause it to instantly lose a life.

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