If the going gets rough, then I'm your man. I love a good fight!
~ Jimmy Lee

Billy Lee is one of the protagonists of the Double Dragon series, and a playable character in Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team.


Jimmy is the oldest of the Lee twins and one half of the Double Dragon. He's a master of the Sousetsuken style, having established a dojo along with his brother to help people defend themselves from street gangs such as the Black Warriors. In Battletoads & Double Dragon, the twins are contacted by Professor T. Bird, who warns them that the Dark Queen have allied herself with the Shadow Boss, so the two join forces with the Battletoads to stop the evil duo's plans.

Jimmy is the most hot headed of the twins, who loves to fight and beat on some bad guys. He's distinguishable by his red leather clothes and usually brown hair.




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