Khaos Mountains is the first stage from Battletoads in Battlemaniacs.


The only beat 'em up level in the entire game, the Khaos Mountains are a volcanic area, as the toads travel through the shifting mass of land over a lava river. From the doors in the background will come the Porka Pigs, while Skellington Bones will pop out from small lava puddles.

While initially seemingly a straightforward level, the Khaos Mountains have quite a few nasty tricks. First off, the land is constantly shifting, so players must be careful to not fall off the land and lose a life. The player will also have to cross wooden bridges which burn down and have to dodge falling flaming rocks at a few points. Close to the end of the level the player will face purple Porka Pigs, which are much tougher than regular ones and are sometimes carried over by Groggs.

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