Menial Jobs is the second stage of the first act from Battletoads 2020.

Details[edit | edit source]

This level is a simple button pressing minigame, where the player control each of the toads on their new jobs. The player must press a sequence of buttons shown on the screen to perform a task, keeping the bar high for a better score.

  • The level begins with Pimple massaging a client. Here, the player alternates between rotating the two analog sticks to knead and press the RB and LB buttons in rapid succession to chop.
  • The minigame then changes to Zitz, typing in a computer. The player once again has to quickly alternate pressing the shoulder buttons, sometimes having to mash the B button when prompted so Zitz can eavesdrop on that sweet, sweet watercooler talk, then press A at the end.
  • In the last part the player controls Rash stamping autographs to be signed by Sea of Thieves spokes-skeleton Captain Bones at the Rare Ltd. booth in an unnamed convention. The player must press RT, LT and A in quick succession.
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