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  • Hi, my bot was recently given the bot flag by Fandom staff. Could you please make it a sysop so I can rename image files? I have a number of files to upload, and want to avoid name conflicts.

    -User:Ferretwings, Content Team Member

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  • Hi! I'm Héctor, one of the Gaming Community Managers. I'm here to help you and the community with some suggested improvements.

    • Regarding the Design, we could change the background (based in a mosaic) for a new one using an image from the last game. In addition, I recommend to change the color of the links, for other brighter green, to improve the readability regarding the contrast with the black background. Finally, if you agree, I'm adding a new file for the special image "Wiki.png" for SEO reasons (it's a secondary image not used currently).
    • Regarding the Main Page, the initial part of it have to be included inside the left column, because it can be hidden with the ad. In addition, I suggest to change the slider by another better alternative (like a gallery with links), because it helps SEO. We could also expand the welcome section with more mentions to the wiki as a collaborative encyclopedia, and also a little description about the series, which also helps SEO. The section about the Games it's perfect, but if we also add the texts with links below it would be better.
    • The wiki navigation is really good, but I suggest you to move the first section (Top Content) to the third of fourth place, because the content links are always the most helpful tool to navigate for the users.
    • The Mobile Main Page is not created yet, so I can directly create it, similar to the current wiki navigation, to easily show the main content pages and categories to the readers using mobile devices.
    • Finally, I've seen the community doesn't have Discussions enabled, which is a feature widely used over the Fandom wikis, and always helps more social activity between the users and readers.

    Let me know what you think about all of this. If you agree, I can directly make the improvements to help with the process. Thanks!

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    • Surely.

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    • Done! Thanks for all your help!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi Magma, how have you been? I hope the server isn't falling to pieces in my absence, lol.

    Hey, remember that a few weeks ago you mentioned you could lend me a hand on the Double Dragon Wiki? Well, I think now it's time to take on your offer (that is, if you still want to, of course). The site appears to be complete for the most part and I'm starting to run out of ideas on what to add next, so any contributions you could make (information, images, videos, etc.) would be much appreciated.

    As for the server, I think I'm gonna stay on my break from it a little longer, as this time has surely helped me relax regarding its management.

    Please say hello to everyone from my part and keep up the good work.

    See you around.

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    • You should actually play the game. I recommend the NES version, though the Mega Drive is also good. The SNES version, despite looking better is significantly harder and misses on a lot of cool stuff, like the post-stage banter and some of the music tracks.

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    • Actually, I tried the NES version a few days ago (and somehow missed the levels' names) and it's so much better than the SNES one. The hit detection is way better, everything is more fluid, and as you mention, lots of stuff that didn't make it to the SNES version.

      I'm aware that the Mega Drive port is for the most part a graphic upgrade of the NES one, keeping all of the good stuff, but somehow I suspect I won't like that version as much (never been a fan of the MD's color palette, sound and controller).

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