Obstacles appear during the various vehicle stages in the Battletoads games to hinder the player's progress, often making the player lose a life automatically and forcing it back to a checkpoint.

Introduced in BattletoadsEdit

  • Wallmover: The first obstacle in the Turbo Tunnel, these are walls which will crush the toads if they don't dodge them by moving to the opposite side.
  • Low Barrier: Lower walls which can't be dodged, instead you must jump over them in order to avoid them.
  • High Stopper: A floating version of the Low Barrier which will hit the toads if they jump.
  • Log: A floating piece of timber wood which floats along the river on Surf City. Some of these will actually move, making it harder to dodge.
  • Whirlpool: Spiraling whirlpools which will kill the toads on contact, players must be careful with their erratic movement.
  • Mines: These are found in large quantities alongside the river and move fast.
  • Electro Barrier: Electric barriers found on Volkmire's Inferno which will shock the toads if they don't pass through their gaps.

Introduced in Battletoads (Game Boy)Edit

  • Tentacle: Giant tentacles from a underwater creature which move back and forth trying to grab unaware toads.

Introduced in Battletoads in BattlemaniacsEdit

  • Planx: Wood boards which block the path in the Roller Coaster and must be ducked under to avoid.

Introduced in Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate TeamEdit

  • Drum: Big drums which serve the same purpose as the Wallmovers and must be dodged.
  • Post Wall: A series of wooden posts which must be jumped over much like the Low Barriers.


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