I may not be smart, but when brain power fails, brute force prevails!Pimple

Pimple is one of the protagonists of the Battletoads franchise, alongside Rash and Zitz.


Pimple was originally a human game tester named George Pie, who much like his buddies was transformed into a toad upon entering the Gamescape. Pimple is the largest and meanest of the toads, and though he is not as smart as his friends he comes to the rescue when they need a hand. He prefers to fight rather than talk, which has sometimes got him in trouble. Pimple is easily identified both by his large, bulky size and brown skin, wearing wristbands and knee pads. In the 2020 reboot Pimple is shown to be a pacifist who disapproves of meaningless violence, likely as a result of him flying into a unstoppable rage if he is pushed too far. In gameplay, he is very strong but very slow and lowest skilled of the team, dealing a lot of damage with short combos.

Smash Hits

Pimple's Smash Hits are large and simplistic, doing massive damage in a single blow by incorporating things such as anvils, hammers and one-ton weights. In general he prefers to fight with this fists rather than his feet.

  • BT Big Hammer: Pimple's arm turns into a sledge hammer.
  • Kiss My Fist:Pimple's fist enlarges as he punches his enemy(used on Battlemaniacs while riding the discs)
  • Wun-Tun Stomp: Pimple's leg turns into a one-ton weight when he stomps on an enemy's head.
  • Charge n' Barge: Pimple charges into an enemy, generating a giant football helmet and shoulder pads as he hits them with a headbutt.
  • Jawbuster: Pimple's fist enlarges as he uppercuts his enemy(His fist turns into stone when the opportunity is given)
  • Anvil Swipe: Pimple's fist turns into an anvil while delivering an attack in midair.
  • Big Bad Boot: Pimple transforms his feet into a giant boot and he kicks his enemies(usually on the face or the butt)
  • Battle Butt: As he headbutts his enemy huge ram horns emerge out of his head.


  • Pimple fills a role similar to Raphael on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
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