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Ragnarok's Canyon is the first stage from Battletoads. It takes place on the surface of Ragnarok's World.


The only pure beat 'em up level of the game, Ragnarok's Canyon is a simple stage which serves to get the player acquainted with the game's controls and mechanics. The player must fight a few Psyko Pigs which can be easily dispatched and two Walkers, which allow the player to pick up their legs once they're defeated. Halfway through the level are the Dragons, which can be knocked and used as a vehicle. Right before the boss there is an 1UP which can be picked up by jumping.

Right at the beginning of the level is a warp to the third stage which can be reached by quickly headbutting the two Psyko Pigs and rushing to the elevated platform on the right. However, it's not recommended to use it unless the player is speedrunning the game, since this makes the player unable to hoard extra lives on the second stage.