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I'm the crazy one, and I'm super cool! My Smash Hits will leave 'em cold!
~ Rash
These cameos are killing me!
~ Rash (Killer Instinct)

Rash is one of the three protagonists of the Battletoads franchise, alongside Zitz and Pimple. He is the "cool cat" of the 'Toads. Rash was originally a human game tester named Dave Shar, who much like his buddies was transformed into a toad upon entering the Gamescape.


Rash is represented wearing his trademark sunglasses, red ninja ribbons and spiked black kneepads. In early artwork, he was shown wearing the ribbons, but these ribbons were never visible in any of the games, and by Battletoads/Double Dragon the ribbons had been eliminated entirely (though they were restored in his Killer Instinct appearance and in the Battletoads 2020 reboot). His profile in Battletoads Arcade reveals his height to be 6' 3", making him the shortest of the three toads. Rash's skin has changed in appearance once at the beginning of the series. He began with a medium shade of green, just like the other two 'Toads, and appears that way on the original game's box art for the NES (with dark spots in the Sega Genesis version). In every game he appears in, he has bright green skin.


Rash is the coolest toad (so he says), being the most extroverted of the Battletoads, who is very rarely seen without his distinctive shades. He loves nothing more than taking down evil and looking sharp in the process as he enjoys showing off his flamboyant abilities. Though he can be impulsive and rarely thinks before rushing into battle, but on occasions can be very cunning. In the 2020 reboot, Rash is depicted as the most self-important member of the team, seeking fame and recognition for their heroics. Rash is shown to enjoy his fame as a hero, to the point that he's the "toad who struggles the most with adapting to a simple life."

Abilities & Smash Hits[]

Rash appears as an agile fighter, as he uses fast and flashy attacks to thow off his targets, though he isn't the strongest toad. In the original Battletoads, he uses standard attributes though out the game that Zitz would also use (and Pimple in Battletoads/Double Dragon). In Battlemaniacs and Battletoads Arcade, he was the fastest and the weakest toad but in the Battletoads 2020 reboot, he is now the balanced toad.

Usually Rash's smash hits involves him using sharp objects and flamboyant smash hits to reflect his cool personality.

  • Ball n' Chain: Rash delivers a leg sweep(or a kick) in which his foot turns into a spiked ball
  • Spiked Boot Thrust: Rash charges towards his enemy, turns his foot into a giant boot with spiked floor and kicks his enemy right in his face/chest
  • Flying Battleaxe: A jump kick in which Rash's foot turns into a giant axe
  • SideArm Slice: Rash gives a sidearm punch with his giant fist extended
  • Steel Claw Strike: Rash turns his hands into steel claws and the proceeds to jam them on the face of a downed enemy
  • Springin' Stamp: Rash turns his legs into springs


Rash has appeared in every Battletoads game, though not always as a playable character. In the original Battletoads, he was player one's character, but was out of action in Battletoads (Game Boy) due to being kidnapped prior to the game's opening. He returned to action as player two's character in Battletoads in Battlemaniacs and continued on as a playable character in the future games.

Rash also appears as a playable guest character in Killer Instinct for the Xbox One as the first character in Season 3 in March 2016.


Rash art.jpg


  • The word "rash" is an anagram for his human self surname "Shar".
  • Rash's role in the team is similar to that of Michelangelo on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • Rash's sprites in the Arcade were originally going to feature the red ribbons on his arms, though those ended replaced with the final design without the ribbons. A few sprites with the ribbons can still be found in the game's data.
    • This however was rectified in the reboot as he now has the ribbons

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