Rat Race is the tenth stage from Battletoads. It takes place on a vertical shaft inside of the Gargantua.


Rat Race is pretty much a reverse Intruder Excluder, only you must descend a large shaft instead of climbing up, and true to it's name you have to race Scuzz to the bottom, in order to defuse a bomb before he reaches it. The stage is divided into three sections, which all begin with a short platforming area where you fight Sentry Drones and dodge the Gasser's smoke puffs before the actual race against Scuzz begins. Each section is harder than the previous, as Scuzz becomes faster in each subsequent section, though he is unable to turn around unless he hits a wall, something that the player must take advantage of in order to win. Upon beating Scuzz three times you reach the bottom of the level, where General Slaughter awaits.

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