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My rampant Robo Rat will cook your warty butts if you come near my battleship!
~ Dark Queen

Robo Rat is the third boss from Battletoads Arcade.


The Robo Rat is a tall humanoid mecha with a rat's face piloted by Scuzz. As the toads engage in battle against it, the Dark Queen watches the battle in a holographic form, and laughs or taunts the toads every time the robot attacks them. After the Robo Rat gets destroyed, the Dark Queen's hologram vanishes into nothingness, ending level 3.

The fight against the Robo Rat is separated in four phases. At first it'll walk around following the toads and attack by shooting ripple lasers from it's arms. Once the arms are blown off it'll shoot eye beams which cover a large area in front of it.

After some hits the head will be blown off as well, revealing Scuzz piloting the robot inside. At this point it will start moving faster and attempt to kick the player. As it's legs are blown off it'll beging jumping around to try squishing the player under it's knees. The best strategy in all phases is to use hit and run tactics, as the boss will usually counter automatically after being hit.