Rodent Rocket is the second boss from Battletoads (Game Boy).


The Rodent Rocket is a large battleship piloted by Scuzz, shaped like a rat's head. The boss has four guns which it'll use to shoot at the player, all of which must be destroyed: three on the ship's nose and one on the top of the head. they all shoot slow moving plasma beams which you can negate with your own shots, so you can simply concentrate on one gun at a time, using the charged shots of your Turbo Jet to both destroy the beams and cause damage.

Once all four guns are destroyed the front of the ship will blow off, revealing a larger gun inside. During this phase the boss will shoot charged shots similar to the ones from the player, which are faster and cannot be negated, so you must be careful to dodge incoming shots while shhoting your own at the boss's gun.


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