Ropes 'n Roper is the third level in Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team.


A complex of hi-tech corridors that connect every corner inside the Colossus. The level also counts with a few vertical tunnel sections (reminiscent of the first Battletoads) where the player must reach the bottom via rappeling. When reaching a corridor's edge, with no other visible way around to proceed, press the Action button to deploy the character's "Turbo Rope" and start descending.

The main enemies in this level are Lindas, Securi-Cams and Ravens. The level is also filled with traps designed to kill the player with just a few hits, such as:

  • Crusha: Heavy metal compactors that suddenly come out from the ceiling and start smashing onto the ground.
  • Sparkbolt: Twin guns facing each other that shoot a bouncing bolt of energy.
  • Electro Barrier: A barrier of energy that releases spark rings. It can be deactivated by hitting the lever above it.
  • Buzz Disc: Giant seesaws charged with electricity that patrol the walls of the rappeling sections.

Other hindrances include conveyor belts which affect the player's movement and falling debris that must be avoided while traveling the rappeling sections.

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