Smash Hits are the name for the exaggerated ways of defeating an enemy the Battletoads perform, such as a fist enlarging during a punch.At the beggining of their career all three Battletoads shared the same set of moves but as time went on,they all delevoped new moves and variants of the already established ones.

Partial ListEdit

  • Kiss My Fist: The 'toad's fist enlarges while throwing a punch.This smash hit is preferred by Rash,the swipe variant is Zitz's favorite
  • JawBuster:The 'toad throws an uppercut with a giant fist,Pimple delevoped a variant called Rocky Uppercut in wich his fist also becomes stone,hitting harder
  • Big Bad Boot: The 'toad's foot turns into a giant boot to deliver a kick.
  • Nuclear Knuckles: The 'toad links his fists above his head and smashes them down on an enemy, his hands enlarging as he delivers the attack.
  • Battletoad Charge:The 'toad sprouts ram horns as he headbutts an enemy
  • BT Bashing Ball: Only useable when the 'toad is hanging from a turbo cable. By hugging the wall of the shaft, the ‘toad turns into a wrecking ball to smash enemies.
  • Swingin’ Size Thirteens:Usually used while hanging from a turbo cable, the toad's feet enlarge when they kick an enemy.
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