Terra Tubes is the ninth stage from Battletoads. It takes place inside of a labyrinthine duct system which leads into the Gargantua.


Terra Tubes is the longest level in the game, separated into various distinct sections. You begin on a straightforward area with Mechno Droids and soon come into the first helicopter section, where you hold onto a helix to descend a short vertical area with spikes. Once on the bottom you reach the first portion of the level with water, which hinders the player's movement.

After a ascending helicopter section, you reach the first cog challenge. On this the player must outrun the Krazy Kogs to the goals while dodging the obstacles in the way. Getting hit by the cog will cause a loss of life and force the player to restart the entire section. After beating four cogs is the first underwater area, where the player must swim around a series of lethal spikes while dealing with the Electra Eels and Hammerfishes, as well as the tough Sharks which are best avoided. Still underwater is the second cog challenge.

After another helicopter descent is a platforming area which introduces the invincible Steel Beaks and the final underwater area, which ends on one last helicopter descent.

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