The Revolution is the last stage from Battletoads. It takes place on the Dark Queen's tower.


The Revolution is a unique platforming level, as the tower is cylinder-shaped and wraps around itself in a pseudo-3D effect, meaning there are no walls and the players are always at the center of the camera. Much like Intruder Excluder the player must climb it to the top, with the camera following the player's vertical movement.

The tower is made of multiple tiers, separated between a series of floating platforms which the player must jump onto to reach the next tier. Some of these platforms can disappear or move around, either dropping down when the player steps on them or circling around the tower, and in some parts springboards will also be found. Each tier also has an enemy or hazard for the player to deal with, be it the Hornheads and Shadow Clouds, or the moving Spikeballs. Higher in the tower the player will also face the Swellcheecks, which attempt to blow the player away from the tower and force the player to hang onto sticks.


  • The pseudo-3D effect used in this level is similar to the one used on the computer game Nebulus.
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