Turbo Tunnel Rematch is the third stage from Battletoads in Battlemaniacs.


As it's name implies, this level is a retread of the original Turbo Tunnel from the first game, only there's no warmup beat 'em up section as you already start on the Speeder Bikes. The first course throws multiple low obstacles to jump and the usual zigzagging barriers to avoid. Second course adds in the ramps to jump over chasms while the third adds the floating barriers and floating ramps. Be careful though, as some of those ramps are traps which lead straight into the floating barriers.

The fourth course has chasms without ramps to jump over. Instead, you have to drift onto them, diving in the middle of the balls, and use rocks hidden in the middle of the balls to gain impulse to jump. This course also has a short area after the first chasm where you have to dodge the Rat Pods, notably the only are in this level with any enemy.

The fifth and final course is much like the final course in the original Turbo Tunnel, with non-blinking, super-fast zigzagging barriers.

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