Volkmire's Inferno is the seventh stage from Battletoads. The stage takes place on a volcanic cavern. According to the Nintendo power comic, this level was programmed by Silas Volkmire himself.


Much like Turbo Tunnel, Volkmire's Inferno begins with a beat 'em up section where you fight various Giblets, though here they only take a single hit to kill. These action sequences are interspersed with a few water ponds you must jump and some parts where you must use moving logs to cross through. At the end of this section you'll face a few Rat Rockets, which will kill the player with a single hit.

The first obstacle section begins after the background changes and the player hops into the Turbo Jet. Unlike Turbo Tunnel, the player moves in a 2D plane instead of moving in a oblique plane. In the first section you must cross through the gaps of the electric traps.

The second obstacle section involves dodging a series of Meteorites which appear randomly from the right. You can obtain a 1UP at the middle of this section. In the third section Missiles will come from the bottom and shoot upwards at random positions, after which they'll start falling down. The next section is much like the first one, while in the last one the electric traps will begin flashing before moving fast, giving the player little time to move into their gaps.

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