Wookie Hole is the second stage from Battletoads. The stage is a descent through a huge crater into the Ragnarok World's core.


Another simple stage, here the toads hold onto the Turbo Cables while descending through the screen, with the scrolling stopping whenever there is an enemy to fight. The first opposition will come in the form of Ravens which can gang on the player if they aren't dispatched quickly, as well as the Saturn Toadtraps which are fixed on their spot and can be dealt with with a BT Bashing Ball Smash Hit. Soon enough the player will face the large beaked Ravens, which can snap the Turbo Cable causing the player to lose a life automatically. Other obstacles in the level include the Electro Zaps, which bounce off sparks that must be avoided, and the Retro Blasters which will shoot when the player is horizontally aligned with them.

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